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About Us

Started in 2014, DLR Global Ventures, LLC is connected with the most significant Drop Ship Wholesale trade in non-lethal products for self defense, including pepper sprays, stun guns, home protection products, personal alarms, nanny cams, spy cameras and other types of surveillance items. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to assist individuals with safeguarding their lives as well as their belongings. Our specialty is product lines related to self defense, home security and more. We are committed to offering every customer with the broadest array of non-deadly self defense tools and surveillance aids available anywhere. DLR Global Ventures truly can be your one and only source for the equipment and tools you need to ensure the safety of your family and home.

The entire team is devoted to giving the finest in customer service, high-quality products and the information required to achieve personal and home security goals. Some of our most important points of pride include: 

* Our skill in helping protect lives

* Our wide assortment of brand-name goods

* Far-reaching support and service availability on every product offered

* Help with manufacturer warranty enforcement

* Top-notch customer service from day one

* Nonstop endeavoring to earn repeat business

* Full understanding that our customers are the key to ongoing success 

It is our objective to demonstrate that DLR Global Ventures really is the top name in providing home security and personal safety goods to a wide range of consumers. Our product range encompasses non-deadly items including personal alarms, surveillance tools, pepper sprays, stun guns and more. 

Our commitment extends well beyond offering the best in customer service and the latest product lines. The fact is that we strive to give consumers the sort of personal touch and educational guidance other companies lack. In the end, we want to make certain that each of our purchasers has the type of experience that will bring them back for more and recommend our products and services to friends and family alike.

Our Contact Information:

E-mail: donald@glrglobalventures.com
Telephone: 1-504-315-5071

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DLR Global Ventures, LlC.

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